France Bauduin

Cat Book illustrations by France Bauduin

France Bauduin is the illustrator for Marilyn's debut novel White Chin: The Cat that Walked by His Wild Lone. White Chin is also the first book that this talented artist has illustrated.

Marilyn says of France's drawings "I am spellbound by the exquisite level of detail that France gives to each and every drawing she executes. Her cats live and breathe, and every hair and whisker can be detected".

France Bauduin was born in Quebec, Canada and has been living in England for the past 13 years teaching French and IT in Silverhill School, Winterbourne near Bristol. She has always loved drawing animals but it was only when Spooky had her first two kittens in July 2001 that it became a serious hobby.

France tells us that it "has been quite a journey, from my first black and white sketches of Lucky and Grippette, to colour drawings of my cats, Spooky’s kittens, then a few commissions and now collaborations with author Marilyn Edwards who wrote White Chin and a future book with author Jenny Melmoth...My father was a professional sculptor (Beaux-Arts, Paris) and I learned a lot from him".

This is a link into France Bauduin's website where you will find many of the illustrations to be found in White Chin: The Cat that Walked by His Wild Lone and much of her other work also. You can also make contact with her there.