Moon Cottage

rear of Moon CottageMoon Cottage is a beautiful timber-framed pantiled-roofed Elizabethan cottage in Hertfordshire in a small town called Rickmansworth just within the M25 girdle around London.

The first book, The Cats of Moon Cottage, opens as Michael and I (and on and off) his three sons start to live there in 1995. Michael has an elderly and very upright neutered moggy tomcat called Septi who has lived with him and his family for many years and is now 17 years old. The cottage then welcomes to its fold the young kitten Ottoline (who becomes Otto) who sets out to beguile the old Septi and who eventually gives birth to three kittens Beetle, Fannie and Titus in the master bedroom within the cottage.front of Moon Cottage

The second book, More Cat Tales from Moon Cottage, takes on where Book One leaves off, with the further adventures of Fannie and Titus and the family within Moon Cottage. Beetle has now left home and lives with a family a mile and a half away on the canal and very happy he is too. Into this haven of female tranquillity enters a young Russian Blue tom kitten called Pushkin and all hell breaks out. It was the hope of the author that Pushkin would father a litter of kittens from either Fannie or Titus but that was not to be.