Though I hesitate to say it, it looks as if we (Bay Cat Rescue and I) have succeeded in offering Pushkin a new home.  She seems to have decided that she approves of her surroundings and can now please herself and come and go whenever she feels like it. (Please click Read More button for picture)

This is just brilliant and I am delighted for her.  Since the initial sighting on the lane on Christmas Day she has been about outside quite a lot.  (Not least keeping vigil by the bird feeders – but we won’t think too hard about that.) She pops up and down the Scots Pine Staircase and has obviously been busy along the path as the dogs are extra sniffy in the mornings.

I looked upstairs in the barn, just to check that there isn't a terrible pile of pooh, but there isn't so I dunno…  She seems to have a few curly-up-sleeping-places and has made good nests in an old duvet, on the basket chair and right in a corner on some hay.  I know this is normal behaviour as cats like to ring the changes and do not always sleep in the same place.

Actually, Fat Ginge does exactly this in the house.  When it is chilly he does favour the Aga, but he’ll also snuggle in the dogs’ beds, like a fluffy cuckoo and dare them to try and oust him.  Some nights he curls up on the landing where the hot water pipes run across.  This is not such a good place as if I don’t put the light on, there is every chance I’ll trip over him and go flying down the stairs!

One day, I hope Pushkin will come indoors and join in.  Maybe in the springtime when the doors are open, but in the meantime she’s warm and safe and cosy in her barn.

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