Marilyn Edwards

People might reasonably ask what am I trying to achieve in writing these books about a group of cats who have generously allowed me, my family and close friends to share our lives with them.

I think the answer is that I have learnt to respect cats as well as love them over the years and I know that there are many other cat lovers out there who feel and experience the same things about cats so while writing specifically about my cats, I am really speaking about all cats and for all those who have ever loved a cat.

I cannot now easily imagine living in a world where cats are not part of my life but this was not always the case. In the course of having been uplifted by the cats in my life so have I been heartbroken by their loss, but I would not undo one second of knowing them and loving them.

A further great joy from writing about cats has been the friendships I have gained with others who share this passion and many of them have websites which can be found under links.

It is a privilege to be able to communicate with readers direct and I would welcome any feedback that you might want to give me on any of the books of mine that you have read, or issues that have arisen from your reading or indeed cat tales of your own.

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