• Magnificat - Catnip (June 2013) is Marilyn's second cat novel, exploring the emotional relationship between humans and animals.

The four non-fiction hardback books, written by Marilyn Edwards and illustrated by Peter Warner, which constitute the Moon Cottage Cat books are in chronological order:

Subsequent publications have been the first two books in hardback above combined together in a paperback omnibus called:

Moon Cottage Cats Volume I - Hodder & Stoughton paperbacks (2007)

And the second two hardbacks above combined in the second paperback omnibus called:

Moon Cottage Cats Volume II – Hodder & Stoughton paperbacks (2008)

Extracts from all four books can be seen from this section of the website under the title of the individual books and pictures together with information and pictures of the two houses in which the books were set under Moon Cottage and the Coach House.

The hardback books are available direct from this website and can be signed and dedicated as you request. The two paperback collections are available from Amazon.