Animal Health Trust

Animal Health TrustA percentage of all the author's royalties are sent to the Animal Health Trust who use the money to help in their treatment and investigation of feline diseases so you can feel sure that by buying a book you are contributing to a good cause.

The Animal Health Trust is a charity that has been helping dogs, cats and horses for more than half a century. We provide specialist veterinary clinical, diagnostic and surgical services and our successes in research have ranged from major breakthroughs in anaesthesia and surgical techniques to the development of vaccines against diseases such as canine distemper and equine influenza. Our scientists and veterinarians, many of whom are world leaders in their field, work alongside bringing together a wide range of expertise for a co-ordinated attack on animal diseases and injuries. By publishing scientific papers, speaking at conferences and talking to other veterinary surgeons about the cases dealt with, this knowledge is passed on to benefit the maximum number of animals.

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