Book Two - Non fiction

More Cat Tales from Moon Cottage

Two young cats, Fannie and Titus, having been born and brought up as devoted sisters in the previously tranquil surroundings of Moon Cottage, suddenly find they have to deal with the vigorous disruption of the usurper Pushkin, a young Russian Blue tom kitten.

Pushkin establishes his own ground rules for his survival in this female feline fastness, but there are many obstacles to be overcome in the struggle for co-existence amongst the three cats.

At no point in this narrative, which is at times funny and at others touching, do the cats ever lose their feline integrity.

The author, on the one hand, lovingly captures the details of her cats behaviour and examines topics such as feline jealousy, emotional security and the degrees of affection a cat may feel for its human companion and on the other hand raises many of the issues that cat lovers themselves experience, such as the anguish of deciding 'house-cat' or 'free-roaming', the pain of cats going missing, the empathy of nursing a cat through illness and the great privilege of loving and being loved in return by those extraordinary animals who remain among us and yet are not of us.