Short for September, the month in which he was acquired. A handsome but rather battle torn tabby neutered tom cat born in 1980 and one of the most street wise and gentle and dignified cats it has ever been my honour to meet. He finally died of cancer at the age of 20 in Easter 2000.


Short for Ottoline Morrell - don't ask! A beautiful almond-eyed fey creature who always seemed to me more elf than cat who seduced all whom she met but most of all the aged Septi, who adored her. Born in spring 1998 into a literary household - hence her name - and came to Moon Cottage in June 1998. She lived an amazing, effervescent, flying sort of life for a tragically short year and died, hit by a car, on Midsummer's Day 1999 leaving three kittens orphaned at just seven weeks old upstairs in a box.


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